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Lisu Christian leader retaliated for protesting forced demolition of his home

Lisu is an ethnic minority in China that has over 80% of the population practicing Christianity.

Elderly Eritrean pastors continue to suffer in prison

“Individuals who are arrested for religious reasons are systematically subjected to ill-treatment and torture,” the OHCR said.

Muslim radicals burn down Christian widow's reconstructed house in Kenya

The assault was the latest of many instances of persecution of Christians in Uganda that Morning Star News has documented.

Croatia offers scolarship to young persecuted Christians

The Croatian government is offering college scholarships to young Christians at risk of persecution.

Saudi Christian faces two trials and death threats

The Christian convert, his wife, and his son are facing violent death threats as a result of their faith.

Trafficking and forced marriages of Christian women on the rise worldwide

Women are often used as pawns to target the Christian community.

Young people murdered in a cathedral in Myanmar

The entire complex was surrounded by the military who intended to pursue demonstrators.

Deadly attack on Copts in Alexandria: two radical Muslims charged with murder

Coptic Christians are facing severe persecution across the Middle East and North Africa

Bring joy to persecuted children at Christmas

If you cannot afford to give money, you still have the possibility to help with some encouraging messages.

Evicted Lao Christians return home but are banned from rebuilding their homes

Many local authorities at lower level in Laos still do not respect religious freedom for Christians.