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Police detain Christians providing aid to the poor in Tamil Nadu, India

Picture shows a Christian family deprived of homes and food in India

Police in Nepal arrest Pastor for touting healing prayer amid Coronavirus fears.

Nepal’s constitution guarantees freedom of religion, and all citizens have the right to profess, practice and protect their faith.

Abducted Pastor, who was presumed dead, released by Arakan army

U Tun Nu was a pastor at Believers Church Myanmar before he was abducted at gunpoint in January 2019.

Professor in prison for running Christian orphanage in Nigeria

Despite having all of the legal paperwork to operate the orphanage, it was closed down, and the professor was taken to prison.

Christian cemetery attacks increase in Turkey

Last month, twenty of 72 gravestones in the Ortaköy Christian Cemetery in Ankara were destroyed.

Hungary and Estonia to join forces in support of persecuted Christians

In addition to interests, common values form the basis of the alliance between Hungary and Estonia.

350 Nigerian Christians killed in first 2 months of 2020

At least 11,500 Nigerian Christians killed since June 2015

Civilian Deaths due to Conflict Rise in Burkina Faso by 650%

The actual number in 2018 was 173 total deaths. This jumped to 1295 deaths in 2019.

Iran releases Christian convert "Mary" Mohammadi from prison

However, there were reports about her being tortured and beaten during her captivity.

British Muslim MP shows support for persecuted Christians

Rehman Chishti will participate to the London Marathon organized by the Catholic NGO Aid to the Church in Need.