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Chinese officials crack down on religious funerals, weddings

Chinese officials continue disrupting religious rites and ceremonies such as funerals and weddings

This Easter, Remember Those Christians Suffering for Living the Commands of Our

As we celebrate Easter this weekend, we must remember those unjustly persecuted Christians all across the world

Coptic Christians Without Church for Easter Following Mob Attack

Though the church had applied for legal status in September 2017, it has yet to receive official authorization.

Sudan's president, known for his persecution of Christians, has been overthrown

Bashir, an Islamist, used violence and ethnic cleansing to impose Sharia law on Christians, leading to two million deaths

Media questioned about christian persecution coverage

According to Open Doors, 11 followers of Christ die for their faith every day.

V4 Helps: Stopping Migration to Europe and Assisting Persecuted Christians

Tristan Azbej talks about the Syrian violence, the Open Hospitals project and the Hungary Helps Program - Watch Video!