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Ten facts about Christian persecution

March for the Martyrs collected ten informative and surprising facts about Christian persecution.

Transitional government in Sudan omits Christianity as school subject

Since Sudan’s independence in 1956, no Christian teachers were appointed by the government to teach Christianity in public schools

The Christians of Iraq ‘may again face martyrdom’

“Iraqi Christians have been subjected to various types of marginalization, persecution, displacement throughout history.

China removes over 900 church crosses in first half of 2020

This happened to Three-Self churches in the eastern province of Anhui, which has the second-largest Christian population in China

Henan province encourages citizens to report on illegal religious activities

The Bureau provided a hotline for people to report and submit relevant videos, recordings - for a reward of 500 CNY (72 USD)

'Wade in the water' - Two Christians killed by radical Muslims in Uganda

Muslims told Christians: "We are not going to take this mission of yours lightly. This is our last warning to you.”

Christian family expelled from village in Southern India

After the expulsion, the Christian family was brutally attack by radical Hindu nationalists and were unable to return

Pakistani Christians endure 80 incidents of persecution so far in 2020

According to Open Doors, Pakistan is ranked fifth on the list of top 50 countries where Christians are persecuted for their faith

Police investigation about baptism service of Christian Church in India

The accusation argued that Christians do not have a right to live in India, as India belongs to Hindus.

North Korea’s secret Christians

Religious persecution, abuse in North Korea is markedly worse for Christians