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North Korea’s secret Christians

Religious persecution, abuse in North Korea is markedly worse for Christians

The persecution of Christians in just one month - Part III.

This is an unusual and sad collection of hate towards Christians - abduction, rape, and forced conversion of Christian women

Prayer service targeted by Pakistani police

During a prayer before providing a free meal for the poor, the police officers appeared and roughly disturbed the prayer service

Pakistani Christians severely beaten by extremists

“Muslims will rebound as they chanted torching Christian’s houses, disgracing women, vandalizing Churches"

Christian family badly beaten in Chhattisgarh State, India

An Indian Christian family was brutally attacked by radical Hindu Nationalists for refusing to deny their Christian faith

The persecution of Christians in just one month - Part I.

The following are among the abuses Muslims inflicted on Christians all around the Globe throughout the month of May 2020

Seven Christian converts sentenced in Iran

Recent weeks have shown that we can expect the country to continue in its persecution of Christians.

Tristan Azbej’s open letter to Human Rights Watch

"I still have faith that one day the dignity of these communities will be worth as much in your eyes…"

Libyan conflict puts Christians in the crosshairs

The country’s civil war includes a strong narrative regarding the persecution of Christians.

U.S. Commission recommends “Binding Agreement” to protect religious minorities

Laws against blasphemy in Pakistan have led to both attacks and death sentences for members of Pakistan’s religious minorities