Tag: Persecution

Slight increase in human trafficking and slavery during pandemic as Catholic NGO

People living in poverty have become more vulnerable to slavery and human trafficking as a side effect of Covid-19 restrictions.

Christians worldwide step out to show solidarity with persecuted Christians

Lockdown is a wonderful opportunity to take our association with the persecuted Church to a whole new level.

Burkina Faso: An exemplary way of helping the victims of terrorism

To help mitigate the impact of the crisis, ACN has just approved a project that will be helping internally displaced people.

New York Times highlights plight of Christian sewer workers in Pakistan

Christians make up between 80% to 90% of the sanitation workforce, including the country’s sewer workers and street sweepers.

Pope: There are more martyrs and people persecuted than in the first centuries

"In the end, persecution is a cause of joy and brings great reward in heaven."

How COVID-19 is making Christian persecution even worse in Africa

We run away from our persecution … or we run away from the global sickness that we are facing.

Iraq: absence of rule of law is a driver of persecution

Iraq's struggle to name a new prime minister is having a devastating impact on society.

Christians killed, four churches burned down in Guinea attacks

In the recent days, many Christians were killed, and four church buildings have been burn down in Guinea.

Nigerian priest: ‘I want the world to know of the suffering of our people’

“Our people feel isolated, because this situation sometimes is poorly reported.”