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EU Catholic bishops criticize European Parliament resolution

The criticism came after the resolution on Poland’s abortion law.

Poland celebrates the National Day of Remembrance of the 'Cursed Soldiers'

The Soviets tried to erase the memory of these fighters for the independance of Poland.

The door of a renowned Polish church has been vandalised in Warsaw

The Church of St Augustine of Warsaw is included in the register of monuments. 

Firefighters prevent a church from burning down in Eastern Poland

The Captain of the Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Lublin suggests that "most likely it was was arson"

Vulgar and anarchist signs smeared on church in Western Poland

It is not the first time that this church is facing acts of vandalism.

Statue of the Virgin Mary vandalised in the pilgrim Polish city of Częstochowa

"We will also try to repair the damaged statue as soon as possible," said a local priest.

A cemetary vandalised in Southern Poland

About ten people complained about the devastation of crosses and tombstones at the beginning of both January and February.

Two churches vandalised in Western Poland

Both perpetrators could face several years of imprisonment.

Acts of aggression against the Catholic Church multiply in Poland

Satanist Adam "Nergal" Darski has recently been sentenced for the desecration of the image of the Virgin Mary.

A century-old chapel vandalised in Poland

It is not the first time that a statue of the Virgin Mary has been destroyed in Otwock.