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Professor Andrzej Nowak: "In 1920, Poland defeated the Evil Empire"

One hundred years after the Battle of Warsaw, Professor Andrej Nowak presents his book about the Polish-Bolshevik war of 1920.

Pro-life volunteers attacked by left-wing activists in Warsaw

The car of the Pro - Right to Life Foundation was stopped in the middle of a tram crossing by a group of far-left activists.

Teenagers smoke cigarettes and urinate in a church in Poland

The two young men could face up to two years of imprisonment.

Virgin Mary vandalised by BLM activists in the Netherlands

Alleged racism continues to be used as a pretext to attack Christian symbols throughout the West.

Life comes back to normal but restrictions against Catholics are escalating

The dissolution of a famous pilgrimage in Poland raises questions about freedom of religion in this Catholic country.

Polish police interrupted the pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Jasna Góra

The pilgrims were registered and sent back home by the authorities.

A man disturbed Masses in Poland by attacking priests and the faithful

The young man who has been arrested could face up to twelve years of imprisonment.

Polish town of Sanok faces anti-Christian vandalism

The arrested man was under the influence of alcohol.

Journalist insinuates that Auschwitz is located in Poland because of Catholicism

Confusing one of the primary victims of WWII (Poland) with the oppressor (Germany) continues, intentionally or otherwise