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One out of four new catholic priests in Europe is Polish

Poles constitute a significant part of the newly ordained European priests. However, their overall number is still decreasing.

Neo-marxism could be more dangerous than Bolshevism, says Polish bishop

Archbishop Jędraszewski has been criticized by liberal media for comparing "LGBT ideology" to Bolshevism.

Polish bishops call for John Paul II to be named co-patron of Europe

The Polish Pope knew that the current cultural crisis is an epochal call to a wise return to Christianity.

"We owe nothing good to the Soviets" says Polish professor

Communists ruled all over Eastern Europe for almost half a century.

Witold Pilecki: the forgotten hero

Pilecki's life is that of courage and bravery beyond measure.

French MEP denounces a "judgment of dubious value" regarding Poland and Hungary

MEP's from France, Italy, Spain and Hungary rebelled against the EPP by voting against the EP resolution on the rule of law.

Statues of the Holy Mary destoyed in Southern Poland

Statues of the Holy Mary were destroyed in Ściegny and Wojanów in the region of Lower Silesia

A pro-abortion network arrives to Poland with the support of local liberals

"Abortion Support Network" is implanting itself in Poland with the support of the local liberal newspaper "Gazeta Wyborcza"

Polish lecturer victim of censorship for “promoting anti-choice ideology”

Polish sociologist and lecturer Ewa Budzyńska is facing a disciplinary proceeding for questioning "homosexual parenthood"

The city of Warsaw urges pro-life activists to leave their premises

While pro-abortion organization continue to flourish in Warsaw, pro-life activists are being threatened by local authorities.