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Vandal caught by police after vandalising church in Polish village

Anti-Christian has been on the rise for the last year across Poland.

Major theft of consecrated vessels in Polish village's church

The suspect is already known to the police and is now facing a sentence of up to ten years in prison.

Statue of the Virgin Mary desecrated in Polish town

An unknown perpetrator is currently being searched for by polish police.

Polish church in Białystok vandalised

The 64-year old suspect is charged with insulting religious feelings. The reasons for the act of vandalism are still unknown. 

The door of the Polish Cathedral of Łódź vandalised with white graffiti

Red hands were also painted in the square in front of the church.

Polish volleyball representative at Tokyo 2020 talks about his faith in God

One of the pillars of the Polish Tokyo Olympics volleyball team speaks about his Christian faith.

Danish Left wants to spend millions for "helping Polish women" with abortion

Danish political parties want to allocate 20 million crowns over four years to Polish women so that they can undergo an abortion.

Hungarian sculptor gifts John Paul II statue to Polish university

The sculpture was blessed by Archbishop of Kraków Marek Jędraszewski.

Young man charged for the defacing of a church in Poland

The man is additionally being charged for insulting religious feelings, which could add another two years of imprisonment.

Church theft in Poland leaves community in shock

The incident happened between the 10th and the 11th of June.