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A century-old chapel vandalised in Poland

It is not the first time that a statue of the Virgin Mary has been destroyed in Otwock. 

Polish satanist will be brought to trial for profaning a Marian image

The Catholic Youth Association protested strongly against Nergal's provocations.

"Abortion like deworming": Polish politicians multiply scandalous statements

The Polish Left uses a rather harsh rethoric while talking about moral issues.

Intensive brainwashing: Interview with Stanisław Gądecki, Archbishop of Poznan

According to the Archbishop, there's intensive brainwashing going on in Poland .

Polish opposition wants "decriminalisation of abortion aid"

The meeting will not be attended by representatives of the ruling party, the United Right (ZP).

A Polish man has been starved to death in an English hospital

The hospital notified the relatives of his death via email.

The Left justifies anti-Catholic physical violence in Poland

What draws the historian's attention is that the Left even encourages violence against Christianity among its supporters.

Christian man beaten up for protecting statue of John Paul II in Poland

The victim was taken to hospital. He made a complaint to the police.

Feminists hung their lightning bolt symbol on a famous Polish cross

The banner contained a sentence saying "home abuse is not tradition."

Help us encourage Poland to keep standing for life!

The protest movement is characterised by its excess and a level of aggression and vulgarity never before seen in Poland.