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Two churches targeted by anti-Christian attacks in France

France has been having difficulties to tackle radical Islamism on its soil for many years.

Police and church members pray together after hurricane devastates Honduras

Iota was the second hurricane to hit Central America this month following Hurricane Eta, which made landfall in early November.

Muslim gangs made Swedish police lose its authority in the city of Gothenburg

The disastrous Swedish immigration policy led to similar problems of "no-go zones" in the city of Malmö.

Christian family traumatised by Pakistani police

After being tortured and forced to watch his sons being arrested, Younis Masih felt a sharp pain in his chest and died.

Police officers pray and kneel with protesters in the USA

The police officers bowed their heads and joined in on a reading of the names of black people who died at the hands of police.

Sentence issued against policeman who murdered 2 Christians

Policeman Rabie Mustafa Khalifa sentenced to death for premeditated murder