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Famous French pro-life activist Xavier Dor dies from coronavirus aged 91

Dr. Xavier Dor was sentenced eleven times by French courts for his pro-life activities.

USA: seven pro-lifers arrested for praying in front of an abortion centre

The pro-lifers announced that they will continue to defend the lives of the unborn.

EU court refuses to hear case of Christian nurses who refuse to perform abortion

The Christian midwives had claimed that authorities violated the European Convention on Human Rights by refusing jobs to them.

Argentine bishops hold pro-life Mass as president plans to legalize abortion

The Mas Vida Foundation estimated the attendance at more than 100,000 people.

Poland: a pro-life organization ousted from its premise in the center of Warsaw

The city of Warsaw ruled by pro-LGBT liberal mayor Rafał Trzaskowski continues to discriminate defenders of unborn children.

Life defenders and unborn babies under high pressure in Belgium

If the new law is voted, it will be another muzzle restricting freedom of speech to opponents of abortion.

Nine powerful pro-life movies everyone should watch

In this list, we spotlight nine movies that champion life in its unborn or infancy stage.

Donald Trump delivers historic speech at March for Life rally

The March for Life 2020 gathered a record number of over 225,000 participants.

Trump to receive $52M for campaign from pro-life organization

In order to reelect the 'most pro-life president in history'.

"Hungary’s policy on the family is highly thought of in Washington"

US Health and Human Services Secretary Azar is expected to pay a visit to Budapest in the spring.