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A half-naked man stormed into a Polish monastery and danced on the altar

Anti-Catholic provocations of this type have also increased in Poland in recent months.

The statue of an Armenian priest was profaned in Paris, France

It was the statue of a survivor of the Turkish genocide. The assailant denies that genocide ever occurred.

Monastery vandalized after reopening in Turkey

The Sumela Monastery stands as an important pilgrimage for Greek Christians.

Portland rioters burn Bibles and American flag outside federal building

An 18-year-old man was charged for allegedly throwing an explosive device into the entrance of the federal courthouse in Portland.

French cemetery vandalised three times in July

The vandals also attempted to open several vaults.

Catholic shrine vandalised twice in Illinois

Instead of destroying the crucifix, the pole on which the shrine rested was broken in half.

Italian church desecrated twice in three days

The church will remain closed until security cameras are installed.

Twenty-four graves desecrated by children in French cemetery

According to local officials, the vandalism was due to "a foolish game, without any political, religious or Satanic intention." 

Repelling act of desecration in an Italian church

The small church in Spoleto was recently restored. Both the outer walls and the centre of the temple were painted.