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Notre Dame Cathedral to be transformed into an "LGBT research center"?

Trans-activists want to rename the Cathedral "Our Lady of the Survivors of Child Crime."

Italian cemetery reconsacrated after "red light meetings"

The sanctity of the place has been violated.

Yet another cemetery has been devastated in Poland

The police initiated actions aimed at apprehending the perpetrators of the devastation and theft.

Polish satanist will be brought to trial for profaning a Marian image

The Catholic Youth Association protested strongly against Nergal's provocations.

Christian cemetery profaned with Arabic inscriptions in France

On the night of the 17th of October, a thirty-seven-year-old man desecrated the Saint-Clément cemetery.

Swedish Catholic church desecrated in Gothenburg

The "action" in the temple lasted only a few minutes; so far no one has admitted responsibility.

Abortionists desecrated a cross commemorating the victims of Nazism in Poland

Anti-Catholic acts have multiplied in the last days in Poland amid pro-abortion and anti-government protests.

Christian church robbed and profaned in Mexico

The Christ King Chapel in the Mexican state of Durango, was robbed and desecrated on the 13th of October, early in the morning.

Vandals destroyed a historic figure of Christ in Texas

Although there were no witnesses to the incident, the state police have successfully arrested the alleged perpetrator.

Repeated acts of desecration in Sicily

The tragedy was verified by Michele Mancuso, a member of the right-wing Forza Italia in the Sicilian Regional Assembly.