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Argentine doctor under attack refusing to perform a late-term abortion

Pro-abortion activists have been active in Argentina over the last months where they have managed to make abortion legal.

The Netherlands will facilitate access to abortion even more

The Netherlands already has one of the most permissive policies on abortion worldwide.

The legalisation of euthanasia represents a threat for sick patients in Spain

Spanish bishops call for "a genuine therapeutic alliance (...) to humanise the death process through material and spiritual help"

The Portuguese parliament has legalised euthanasia and assisted suicide

Over 95,000 people signed a petition demanding the project of law to be rejected. 

A Polish man has been starved to death in an English hospital

The hospital notified the relatives of his death via email.

"Psychosocial suffering" will allow abortion up to the ninth month in France

The second reading of the Bioethics Act began today in a special committee of the French Senate.

French freemasonry chose a new Grand Master

The change of the Master does not mean any change regarding the French freemasons policy.

Democrat opens Congress with prayer ending in "amen and awoman"

It is important to keep in mind that the word "Amen," means "so be it" and is not a gendered term.

Planned Parenthood president describes herself as "proud abortion provider"

Pro-life groups have long shown that abortion makes up some 95% of Planned Parenthood services.

Polish man sentenced to euthanasia without the approval of his family in the UK

The court allowed the possibility of "the mother saying goodbye to her son".