Tag: Religious Freedom

U.S. religious freedom ambassador calls for release of prisoners of conscience

"Very crowded, unsanitary conditions” faced by some prisoners is a nightmare scenario during a pandemic."

Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne was arrested and says he also gets death threats

The Pastor was arrested Monday for what officials say was the violation of a "safer-at-home" order, Then shots were heard.

India: Police arrest seven church attendees in Kerala

The fight against COVID-19 may be used as a pretext to limit religious freedom in countries where Christian persecution is growing

2019: another difficult year for Christians in Pakistan

The country’s Christian community continued to suffer discrimination, intolerance, and instances of outright persecution.

Nigerian priest details 6 ways Christians face discrimination in Nigeria

Christians are facing lesser-known forms of societal discrimination because of their faith in Christ. 

Human Rights Violations Report of 2019 has been released in Turkey

The report shows some development just as much as regressions concerning religious freedom.

USA: Satanists conduct a ritual on the Capitol steps amid pious protesters

Members of the Satanic Temple strongly support abortion organizations as Planned Parenthood and LGBT groups of all kinds.

Sam Brownback: Religious Persecution is on the rise worldwide

The last year was extremely high in terms of numbers of victims in Nigeria, most of them are Christians.

Tristan Azbej had talks about new humanitarian cooperation programmes in Paris.

As part of the talks, the parties also spoke about the possibility of a joint educational programme in the Middle East.

President Trump discusses religious freedom in India with Prime Minister

"We also discussed Christians, and I had a very powerful answer from the Prime Minister."