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Images of Stalin and Putin removed from cathedral mosaic

The Soviet dictator's face has been replaced by an inscription praising victory.

Mosaic representing Putin removed from Russian Orthodox military church

Another mosaic of former Soviet leader Josef Stalin has to be officially removed from the church.

"We have something most of the West no longer has today", says Polish President

Andrzej Duda explained that he would like to "support the government in activities that favor society".

Jordan Peterson fights for his life in Russian hospital

The Canadian professor, very popular on Youtube, has been vilified by the Left for his crusade against political correctness.

Russia: Two injured in Moscow church knife attack

Several knife attacks have occured in Russia in recent years. A few of them were claimed by the Islamic State.

Ukraine lost one third of its population since 1993

Our Eastern neighbour is facing a serious demographic problem.

Hungary and Russia in cooperation for persecuted Christians in the Middle East

President Putin thanked PM Orbán for proposing a meeting with Middle East religious leaders and offered assisting Christians