Tag: Sharia law

Boko Haram attacked a town in Nigerian Borno State

The number of casualties is currently unknown.

Iranian Christian Arrested For The Third Time

Most recently, she was arrested by the “morality police”.

France denies asylum to Iranians sentenced to death for Christian conversion

According to Iranian justice any Muslim who leaves Islam to convert to any other religion will be arrested.

Christians in The Gambia Worried about New Constitution

Of the population, more than 90 percent are Muslim, with less than 5 percent being Christian.

Petition against forcing girls to wear the hijab circulates in Egyptian school

There is no official state requirement in Egypt forcing women to wear the hijab, but there is substantial pressure.

Radical Muslims protest Sudan's abolishment of apostasy

“We will drop all the laws violating human rights in Sudan,” Justice Minister Nasredeen Abdulbari assured.

Prominent Muslim leader says global effort needed to promote compassionate Islam

Among the recommendations were abolishing the legal category of “infidel” or “kafir,” in Islamic law

Saudis welcome abolition of flogging as judicial sentence

Offenders who were once sentenced to flogging will now receive fines or prison sentences instead, the (HRC) said.

Professor in prison for running Christian orphanage in Nigeria

Despite having all of the legal paperwork to operate the orphanage, it was closed down, and the professor was taken to prison.