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Brazil’s new Jesus statue will surpass height of Rio’s Christ the Redeemer

The project's budget is listed at $350,000 and is funded solely by donations.

Pro-choice activist dies after getting an abortion in Argentina

Pro-life leader Guadalupe Batallán tweeted Monday that “María del Valle was 23 years old and had her whole life in front of her."

Ruth Montaño: a hard-working fighter for religious freedom

Her greatest professional accomplishment was undoubtedly the passage in September 2019 of Religious Liberty Law 1161.

Brazilian bishop relocated from Mozambique after receiving death threats

Bishop Luiz Fernando Lisboa was transferred to his native country, Brazil, from the Mozambique Diocese of Pemba

Pro-abortionists vandalised a cathedral in Argentina

The facade of Our Lady of the Rosary Cathedral in Moreno, Buenos Aires was vandalised in late November by abortion activists.

Church vandalised in Argentina

The El Bolson Church was vandalised by members of the indigenous population of the Andes mountain range.

Brazilian court prohibits abortion advocacy group calling itself "Catholic"

"The name 'Catholics for the Right to Decide', was certainly used in an abusive and undue way."

Argentine bishops call bill to legalize abortion ‘untenable’

The question of abortion is continuously on the agenda throughout this year in Argentina.

Two churches set on fire in Chile

Since the uprising on Oct. 18, last year, Chile is roiled by violent street protests over an increase in subway fare

Brazilian journalist denies the existence of Christianophobia

More and more liberal thinking journalists in the western media state that Christianophobia is the invention of the Church