Tag: Southern Europe

Celebrations in Fatima again under sanitary regime in Portugal

Pilgrims will have limited access to the apparition shrine and candle lighting.

Spanish church vandalised with cement

Alfredo Ondarra, head of the Tafalla Municipal Police, said that his team is looking for the culprit.

Croatian MEP considers lack of access to abortion as "a form of violence"

Predrag Fred Matić describes the laws protecting life as a form of "human rights violations and gender-based violence".

5,500 candidates apply for Croatian scholarships for young persecuted Christians

It is estimated that 67% of the world population, live in countries where there are serious restrictions on religious freedom.

Palm tree set on fire in front of a church in Italy

The police are investigating the case.

Church vandalised in Northern Italy

Windows of the San Bernardo church were smashed in with stones.

The Archdiocese of Barcelona intends to close 160 parishes

The reason for these moves, included in the plan of the Archbishop of Barcelona is the loss of the faithful.

Italian church repeatedly targeted by vandals

It is the second time in a month that the tiny church has been vandalised.

The church-door of an Italian church was set on fire

The serious act of vandalism was carried out in broad daylight in Montecatini Alto.