Tag: Southern Europe

Young vandals with bicycles set a church on fire in Italy

The local priest from Pionca, Don Fernando Fiscon, preferred not to comment on the incident

Yet another church has been vandalised in Italy

Anti=Christian vandalism is spreading like wildfire across Italy

A churchyard has been vandalised in Italian town

Diesel was sprinkled around which caused damage to the sidewalk and floor.

Several thefts of sacred objects observed in Tuscany

The series of thefts in Tuscany has been ongoing for the past few weeks.

A man was caught urinating on a church in Italy

The perpetrator of this disrespectful act was soon slammed by local media.

An Easter procession has been attacked in Spain

Spanish authorities tend to turn a blin eye on such incidents.

Anti-Catholic graffiti smeared on Spanish church

Anti-Christian activities are nowadays widespread across Spain.

A Spanish church has been smeared with insulting and pro abortion slogans

The mayor of Barcelona condemned this act of vabdalism.