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The situation of persecuted Christians in Spain

Attacks against Spanish Christians are on the rise and getting more and more violent.

Baby Jesus from Nativity scene decapitated in Spain

Spain has been facing a rising trend of Christophobic acts for the last few years.

Anti-Christian hate crimes in Europe rose 70% between in one year, says watchdog

While hate crimes have a higher frequency in France and Germany, they tend to be more severe in Spain and France.

Increase in thefts of consacrated hosts in the days leading up to Halloween

On the 10th of October, a consecrated tabernacle with the hosts was stolen from a convent in Toledo.

Four Spanish martyrs beatified

A Vatican cardinal beatified four martyrs of the Spanish Civil War on Saturday.

Yet another cross demolished in Spain

The leftist narrative behind these actions is justified by the lie claiming Christian symbols are somehow fascist.

One million children pray the rosary today

Children in South Sudan, Burma, and Lebanon have joined a worldwide initiative to get one million kids to pray the rosary.

New Spanish law to publicly publish list of medical staff opposing abortion

Many health professionals and bishops have expressed their concern about the potential threat that this measure poses.

The Spanish trans-revolution threatens to fill children with hormones

The cultural revolution in Spain is speeding up at a frightening pace.

Spanish church vandalised with cement

Alfredo Ondarra, head of the Tafalla Municipal Police, said that his team is looking for the culprit.