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The pandemic accelerated the decrease of Spanish Catholics

The amount of Spaniards defining themselves as Catholics is 59.2 per cent, which is a historically low rate.

Spanish government wants to remove the cross from Valley of the Fallen

The presence of the Cross and the Benedictines are interpreted by leftist political forces as "symbols of Frankism."

Spanish pro-lifers convinced thousands of women to refrain from abortion

The Redmadre Foundation was established in 2007 under the title "You will never be alone". 

Chalice shot by ISIS militants to be displayed in Spanish churches

“With this, we want to make visible a reality that we sometimes see on television but we are not really aware of what we see"

Historic chapel desecrated in Spain

On August 15th, the very famous and highly revered hermitage of Santísimo Cristo in the town of Planes (Spain) was vandalised.

A fire broke out in the Spanish church of Saint Martin

According to local media reports, the police quickly arrived and evacuated the residents.

Barcelona cardinal holds Mass in defiance of government order

Even if all the 500 people who’d been invited to the ceremony attended, the basilica would have only been at 23% capacity.

Spanish Socialist government withholds aid for Catholic schools

"This is an ideological decision and clear discrimination," complains Bishop Gil Tamayo of Avila.

Another statue of Saint Junipero Serra has been vandalised

A statue that depicted Saint Junipero Serra was vandalised yesterday, the 22nd of June, in Palma de Mallorca in Spain.

Statue of St. Junipero Serra has been vandalized in San Francisco

Father Junipero Serra was beatified in 1988 by Pope John Paul II and canonised by Pope Francis in 2015.