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Nativity scene severely vandalised in Spain

Intolerance against Christianity is on the rise in Spain which not so long ago was considered as a Catholic country.

The business of aborted baby parts is thriving in Spain

In 2019, the number of children killed in abortion clinics was 97,398.

The Holy Week celebrations have already been canceled in Sevilla

Holy Week falls in 2021 from the 28th of March until the 3rd of April.

Spain will become the sixth country in the world to legalise euthanasia

At the moment, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are the only European countries where euthanasia is permitted.

President of Real Madrid became a monk

Rafael Sánchez-Guerra was the president of Real Madrid between 1935 and 1936. He later became a Catholic monk.

Spanish government could use COVID-19 to implement anti-Christian regulations

The Spanish left is known for being particularly belligerant towards Christianity.

A Christian convert from Iran: “The Bible is all that I have”

Aid to the Church in Need conducted an interview with the Iranian Seyed Mohammad Mahdi, who was forced to flee Iran.

Children that were nearly aborted have been baptised in Spain

Last month, Cardinal Carlos Osoro, the Archbishop of Madrid baptised fourteen children, whose mothers considered abortion.

The pandemic accelerated the decrease of Spanish Catholics

The amount of Spaniards defining themselves as Catholics is 59.2 per cent, which is a historically low rate.

Spanish government wants to remove the cross from Valley of the Fallen

The presence of the Cross and the Benedictines are interpreted by leftist political forces as "symbols of Frankism."