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Sri Lanka bans face coverings to prevent terrorists from hiding their identity

The ban came in the wake of the Easter suicide bombings

MI5 warns of new attacks by ISIS in UK and Europe

ISIS is plotting terrorist attacks across the UK by sleeper agents hiding in western Europe

Sri Lankan man who confronted bomber at church door remembered

He could have run away to safety but he decided otherwise

UK Archbishop calls for recognition of ‘anti-Christianism’

The Coptic Archbishop of London call for acknowledgement that “anti-Christianism” is a real phenomenon nowadays

Obama, Clinton, Democrats identify Christians as "Easter Worshippers"

Obama, Clinton, Democrats denounce attacks on "Easter Worshippers," not ‘Christians’

Explosions in Sri Lanka: updates

ISIS claimed responsibility without giving any evidence

Breaking News: Bombs kill 138 in Easter Day attacks on Sri Lankan churches

Nine foreigners were among the dead, the officials said.