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Swedish police confirmed that arson of village church was deliberate

This is not the first church burned down in the local area.

Europe’s largest Lutheran denomination declares itself as "trans-inclusive"

In 2009, the left-leaning Swedish Church voted in favor of blessing same-sex marriages.

Swedish politician praises Hungary Helps Program

Charlie Weimers: "Only conservative governments step up against Christian persecution".

Swedish church a target of two arson attacks

Pastor Jerker Alsterlund commented the event by stating that, "We have no threat against us but it is a strong symbolic act."

Swedish Catholic church desecrated in Gothenburg

The "action" in the temple lasted only a few minutes; so far no one has admitted responsibility.

Chinese Government Demolished Swedish Missionaries’ Gravestones

The memorials were destroyed due to the charge of illegal construction.

Muslim gangs made Swedish police lose its authority in the city of Gothenburg

The disastrous Swedish immigration policy led to similar problems of "no-go zones" in the city of Malmö.

A church was repeatedly vandalised in Malmö, Sweden

An Evangelical Lutheran Church, in the district of Västra Skrävlinge, in Malmö, Sweden, was attacked repeatedly for seven days.

Sweden: “Northernmost mosque in the world” planned

The city has a population of just under 50,000. The mosque is planned to be built on the island of Hertsön, Luleå, town of Sweden.

Syria’s Hidden Victims - Seta Kale

CNA's interview with Seta Kate, a Christian refugee in Sweden.