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Hundreds of Christians at risk in northwestern Syria

Despite the volatile situation, two Franciscan priests are still carrying out their pastoral work in the Oronte valley.

The very existence of Christianity in the Middle East is under threat

The number of Christians in Iraq fell from 1.5 million in 2003 to 200,000 today.

From Syria with love, prayers and solidarity

ACN project partner’s heart-felt coronavirus message.

Water supply for Syria's Hasakah province restored

Nearly a week ago Turkish sponsored armed groups cut the water supply for 460,000 people in northeastern Syria.

Syria’s Hidden Victims - Seta Kale

CNA's interview with Seta Kate, a Christian refugee in Sweden.

Armed groups cut water supply for northeastern Syria

Armed militias responsible for the operation are backed by the Turkish government.

Protests erupt in north-eastern Syria, tensions rise in Deir ez-Zor

The latest developments are linked to the Turkish and SDF movements.

Children are deprived of education becuase of conflict in Syria

The future of one and a half million children are in danger.

Mobile hospital to be deployed by Christian NGO to Syria

The "hospitainer" will take care of hundreds of people on a weekly basis.

Jesuit Refugee Services calls for an end of hostilities in Syria

JRS remain committed to serve the Syrian people and provide help for those who need it the most.