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Oklahoma House passes bill banning most abortions

The Oklahoma bill now moves to the Republican-controlled state Senate for consideration.

Far left brutality on campus makes conservative student afraid for her life

The aggression of leftist radicals was condemned by the rector of the University of North Texas.

Baptist church set on fire in Huston, Texas

The congregation of First Baptist Church of Genoa in southeast Houston determined to rebuild after a fire destroyed the building.

Planned Parenthood drops lawsuit against Texas "sanctuary city" for the unborn

Planned Parenthood drops its lawsuit over the city of Lubbock’s abortion ban, ensuring that the ordinance will remain in effect.

Man fires at church in Texas, Houston

The shooting happened between 3 and 4 a.m.

Texas bill virtually banning abortion goes into effect

So far, efforts to convince the judicial branch to strike down the law have not had success. 

Sutherland Springs church to demolish sanctuary where 26 people were shot

According to news station KTSA in San Antonio, the building was considered structurally unsafe.

Historic church set on fire in Texas

The authorities search for boys who may have set fire to the historic church building.

Abortion lobby complains about new pro-life legislation in Texas

The act is opposed, inter alia, by ten abortion centers and six organisations financing the murder of unborn children.

Catholics must speak out about the persecution of faithful in China

Bishop Strickland calls for prayer and support for the Chinese Catholics undergoing a crackdown of religious freedom.