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Judge dismisses Planned Parenthood lawsuit against abortion ban in Texas

Lubbock, with a population of about 259,000 people, is the largest city in the United States to ban abortion.

Satanists sue Texas for lack of "abortion ritual" freedom

In the lawsuit, Satanists argue that restricting the "right" to perform abortion "harms their religious beliefs".

Texas senate approves bill banning trans procedures for kids

The senate voted for SB 1311 on Monday, with every Republican and no Democrats in favor.

Planned Parenthood sues Texas city for becoming "sanctuary city for the unborn"

Lubbock became the largest city in the United States to identify as a “Sanctuary City for the Unborn” after a recent ordinance.

Texas House advances fetal heartbeat bill

Usually, a fetal heartbeat is detected as early as six weeks into a pregnancy.

Two town vote to become "sanctuary cities for the unborn" in Nebraska

In 2019, several Texas towns passed ordinances making themselves a “Sanctuary City for the Unborn."

Church set ablaze in Pasadena, Texas

The fire ravaged the building and completely destroyed the roof.

Judge allows Texas to remove Planned Parenthood from Medicaid programme

Judge Maya Guerra Gamble had temporarily blocked Texas from removing Planned Parenthood from its Medicaid programme.

Churches across Texas open doors amid dangerously cold weather

“No one should have to sleep outside unless they decide that on their own,” reads one of the the church’s Facebook page. 

Vandalism outside El Paso Catholic church damages three angel statues

Three angel statues on the parish grounds were found toppled over and broken.