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Notre Dame Cathedral to be transformed into an "LGBT research center"?

Trans-activists want to rename the Cathedral "Our Lady of the Survivors of Child Crime."

Four-year-old children in Scotland are allowed to change gender at school

The Scottish Government guidelines say that "recognition and development of gender identity can occur at a young age".

Argentina allows gender X on ID cards and passports

The decision follows several controversial changes in the country over the last twelve years. 

Judge strikes down West Virginia law banning biological males from girls' sports

The bill cites the “inherent differences between biological males and biological females”.

New emoji designs depict "pregnant man" and androgynous "pregnant person"

The vast majority of emoji fans are not anticipating the new "inclusive" designs, according to Emojipedia's own polling.

The Spanish trans-revolution threatens to fill children with hormones

The cultural revolution in Spain is speeding up at a frightening pace.

Czech Republic president condemns transgenderism as "a crime of self-harm"

"Every surgery is a risk and these transgender people to me are disgusting," Milos Zeman stated.

Colorado judge dismisses one charge against confectioner for not making a cake

The confectioner was Jack Phillips, who refused to make the transgender-themed cake.

New-York university suspends student for critical views on transgenderism

Stevens met with the university and shared on social media that he was dismissed from school due to his Instagram publications.