Tag: Transgenderism

Czech Republic president condemns transgenderism as "a crime of self-harm"

"Every surgery is a risk and these transgender people to me are disgusting," Milos Zeman stated.

Scottish teachers union sparks outrage over plans for transgender Jesus play

The demonstrators sang hymns and carried placards with messages reading: “Jesus, King of Kings, Not Queen of Heaven”.

Europe’s largest Lutheran denomination declares itself as "trans-inclusive"

In 2009, the left-leaning Swedish Church voted in favor of blessing same-sex marriages.

Texas senate approves bill banning trans procedures for kids

The senate voted for SB 1311 on Monday, with every Republican and no Democrats in favor.

Harry Potter event canceled over JK Rowling's comments on gender

This action comes as this year’s book festival is slated to focus on the phenomenon of “cancel culture.” 

Gender clinic in London rated as 'inadequate' by UK gov't health commission

The actions were enforced against The Tavistock Centre.

Netflix introduces trans character in kids' show called the "Baby-Sitters Club"

The series is listed in Netflix's most popular titles and is available on children's profiles.

JK Rowling explains views on transgenderism: "I refuse to bow down"

The author went on to express concern for the current explosion of transgender activism in the United Kingdom.

South Dakota House bill outlaws transgender medical procedures on children

The Vulnerable Child Protection Act now heads to the state Senate

Transgenderism and same-sex marriage education for primary school children

Pupils of all ages will have compulsory lessons from September 2020 in the UK