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Muslims Burn Down Christian Widow’s Reconstructed House

Mother of five fled in 2015 after her husband was killed.

Christian tortured and driven from home in Uganda

Geoffrey is a former Muslim who confessed Christ as his Savior earlier this year.

Pastor Slain after Leading Muslims to Christ at Religious Debate

Father of 11 planted 50 churches in eastern Uganda.

Christian intentionally struck by Muslim

The perpetrator was driven by anti-Christian sentiment.

Muslims Allegedly Poison Pastor over Plans for Church Building

Church leader in Uganda refused to sell land for proposed mosque.

Mother of Seven Wounded, Loses Family for Becoming Christian

Her husband and other Muslim relatives attacked her on Easter Sunday.

Christian Mother in Uganda Hit with Acid for Her Faith

Former Muslim says husband assaulted her.

Over one hundred people, mostly Christians, killed in mass attacks in DRC

The majority of those killed in the three attacks in the Beni region were Christians.

Pastor’s family attacked for the second time in one month in Uganda

While most of Uganda is Christian, radical Islamists are becoming more common along the country’s borders.

Family of Assaulted Pastor Attacked Again by Muslims

Assailants in Uganda strangle mother of eight still in pain from prior beating.