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Christian Mother in Uganda Hit with Acid for Her Faith

Former Muslim says husband assaulted her.

Over one hundred people, mostly Christians, killed in mass attacks in DRC

The majority of those killed in the three attacks in the Beni region were Christians.

Pastor’s family attacked for the second time in one month in Uganda

While most of Uganda is Christian, radical Islamists are becoming more common along the country’s borders.

Family of Assaulted Pastor Attacked Again by Muslims

Assailants in Uganda strangle mother of eight still in pain from prior beating.

Ugandan Imam murdered for converting to Christianity

Uganda is not known for its hatred of Christianity, but it is becoming more common among Muslim communities.

Christian convert killed in Uganda

A forty-one-year-old former imam was killed on the 7th of December by a mob of Muslims, a week after converting to Christianity.

Pastor, Wife in Uganda Attacked after Imam Becomes Christian

Pastor Moses Nabwana’s wife was hospitalized for five days, and the church leader several days more.

Ugandan Muslim forces Christian wife to drink pesticide because of Bible

The assault was the latest of many instances of persecution of Christians in Uganda that Morning Star News has documented.

At least thirteen people killed in two days by Islamist group in DRC

According to the Kivu Security Tracker, there are more than one hundred militias like the ADF operating in the region.

Pastor killed by mob after radio broadcast in Uganda

This attack is worrisome as freedom of religion is supposed to be guaranteed by the government in Uganda