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Christian man beaten to death by his family for leaving Islam in Uganda

Violence targeting Christians has been on the rise in the eastern region of Uganda since the coronavirus outbreak.

'Wade in the water' - Two Christians killed by radical Muslims in Uganda

Muslims told Christians: "We are not going to take this mission of yours lightly. This is our last warning to you.”

Pastor dies for proclaiming Christ in Uganda

Uganda’s constitution and other laws provide for religious freedom, including the right to propagate one’s faith.

International Christian Concern supports Christian convert in Uganda

"Muslim-background believers" (MBB's) are among the most vulner­able persecuted Christians in the world.

Firsthand Christian witnesses in Uganda

Islam had spread in the region through promises of wealth and power; in one town alone, there were 33 mosques and 10,000 Muslims.

Villagers burn home, beat wife of former Muslim Sheikh in Eastern Uganda

A former sheikh (Muslim teacher) in eastern Uganda became a Christian - Muslim villagers surrounded his house and set it ablaze

Muslim sheikh in Uganda tries to burn his Christian daughter

Because of the coronavirus restrictions the girl was in another part of the country when she first heard about Christ.

Christian minorities across Africa face extreme persecution amid the pandemic

Christian minorities in Nigeria are receiving one-sixth of the food rations allotted to them, unlike their Muslim counterparts.

Christian woman and pregnant convert seriously injured in Uganda

Both women were beaten for sharing their faith.

Family in Uganda disowned for following Christ

The family fled and hid in a local church.