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British Government commits to defend freedom of religion worldwide

The Truro report states that the persecution of Christians is so extreme that it amounts to genocide in some parts of the world.

The UK retracts announcement allowing women to take abortion pills at home

This was published in error. There will be no changes to abortion regulations.

UK: Boris Johnson orders the closing of churches

8,077 people were diagnosed with a COVID-19 infection in the UK according to latest data — 422 of them have died.

UK acknowledges the risk of persecution for ‘ordinary’ Iranian Christians

Based on a new reference case, the UK recognizes the persecution of "regular" Christians.

Burglars smash stained glass window at Leicester Cathedral

There was fortunately no other damage aside from the window that has been broken.

Infant boy removed from ventilator after controversial 'brain stem death' ruling

Despite his parents’ protests that he showed “signs of life,” an infant boy was legally declared dead removed from a ventilator.

Woman with Down syndrome aims to change UK abortion laws

In the UK about nine in ten women have abortions after being given a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

Life of babies with Down Sydrome at high risk in Northern Ireland

In England and Wales, most children diagnosed with Down Syndrome are being killed in the womb.

Islamic State supporter admits plot to blow up St Paul's Cathedral

Safiyya Amira Shaikh, was caught by undercover officers as she planned to plant two explosive devices in central London

UK Court: Sharia marriages not valid under English law

"The Assembly is concerned that the rulings of the Sharia councils discriminate against women in divorce and inheritance cases.