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New UK study reveals alarming rate of coerced abortions

1 in 20 women ages 18-24 have been given abortion pills without their knowledge or consent in the UK.

A church website has been suspended for sharing views on conversion therapy

Teachings on sexual morality are progressively being crininalized.

A clinic course calls the Bible and Christianity "racist"

Amy Gallagher has spent more than £20,000 in her training to become a psychotherapist.

J.K. Rowling targeted by the gender activists yet again

The British author is under attack for refusing to comply with the gender narrative.

Christianophobia on the rise across Europe

Most acts of Christianophobia in Europe can be put in the category of discrimination rather than physical extermination (for now).

Nigerian nurse discriminated by UK hospital because of tiny crucifix necklace

Following the sentence, Mary Onuoha said that "she could not do her work without the cross."

The situation of persecuted Christians in the UK

Christians in the UK are often targeted for their views and beliefs. For them, freedom of speech exists mostly in theory.