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Publishers encourage people to support Christian bookshops to save them

Christian bookshops are facing survival problems due to the lockdown as people buy from bigger chains

Church using 'Minecraft to make Bible come alive in virtual youth group meetings

A Leicester church is using video games in their virtual youth group sessions during lockdown as a way to connect with teenagers

Sheffield Cathedral building damaged by fire in suspected arson attack

It is thought the fire was started deliberately and South Yorkshire Police are treating the incident as a suspected arson attack

British Parliamentarians urge governments to release prisoners of conscience

ICCPR states that 'Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion'

British episcopate convinced the government to close churches completely

Churches in the UK may remain completely closed until... Christmas!

Cardinal celebrates Ramadan at home

Ramadan is a time during which Christians are particularly at risk and subjected to high pressure worldwide.

Bishop Schneider: Coronavirus is causing a ‘catacomb Church’ to emerge

“If the government denies the Church the same rights as they give to a store, then this is discrimination of the religion.”

Video: Catholics plead with UK shepherds to reopen churches

'We believe that God’s house should always be open and that it can be done safely with as little risk as going to the supermarket"

Scottish Episcopate: Allowing domestic abortion is "an ideological decision"

During the coronavirus pandemic, the Scottish Government lifted restrictions on pharmacological abortions at home.

BBC broadcasts Muslim prayers on radio for the first time

Different imams lead the 5:50 a.m. broadcasts every week on 14 BBC local radio stations, reciting verses from the Qur’an or quotes