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Ex-Muslim woman stabbed in London while preaching the Gospel

The evangelist reportedly said she is heartbroken over the weekend’s events and is still healing from a slash wound on her head. 

Christian street preacher wins case after being fined for evangelising

The preacher said he was “very glad the magistrates threw the case out and that reason and justice prevailed.”

Catholic teaching challenges award for Prince Harry, and wife’s two-child limit

An environmental charity recently awarded Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for limiting their family to two children.

Street preacher takes up legal action against police after arrest and fine

During the Covid pandemic, 85,000 Covid fines were issued which are being reviewed.

British parliament rejects abortion on demand

The numerous e-mails sent to the parlament forced it to step back on this controvertial initiative

Unlawfully arrested street preacher wins in court

I’m thankful that the police have admitted what they did was unlawful," David McConnel explained.

Abortion rates jump significantly in England, Wales

Rise attributed to pandemic, DIY at-home terminations.

UK high court rules in favor of woman fired for saying men can’t become women

Forstater was fired from her job when she tweeted that "men can't change into women".

Christian speaker arrested at London's Speaker's Corner

Hatun Tash is a Christian preacher who has been speaking about Christianity in a predominantly Muslim community.

Complaint about ringing of church in Southern England

Build in the 14th century the Church's clock currently chimes every quarter of an hour.