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UK’s largest abortion provider hails highest abortion numbers in history

The significant rise in abortions coincides with the government’s temporary measure allowing home abortions in the UK.

Hundreds of British women have procured "home abortions" daily since March

An average of five hundred unborn children have been killed daily in this way since the coronavirus outbreak in Great Britain.

"Muhammad" remains most given newborn male name in the England and Wales

"Parents want their children not to forget their roots when they live in a foreign country," the national office explained.

New book reveals Meghan Markle's relationship with God

A friend of the family claimed that Markle’s belief in God was “born out of her own individual experience.”

British MP received death threats after voting against abortion law

"We must respect and defend freedom of conscience,” said Michael Robinson from Society for the Protection of Unborn Children.

The Archbishop of Canterbury revealed he would be reviewing statues

Justin Welby said monuments would be looked at 'very carefully' to see if they all 'should be there'.

Christian app launches world’s first artificial intelligence audio Bible

Founded by London-based Mark Wagner, Soultime is an app for Christian meditation.

Church of England urges government to allow singing to return to church

Normal services are not expected to resume until at least the 4th of July or later.

Pastor wins court case after being targeted for homosexuality beliefs

According to The Telegraph, compensation for Hargreaves will be decided at a later remedy hearing.

UK government disregards believers with new sanitary regulations

It will still not be possible to celebrate public liturgies or go to church for private prayer.