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The UK retracts announcement allowing women to take abortion pills at home

This was published in error. There will be no changes to abortion regulations.

UK: Boris Johnson orders the closing of churches

8,077 people were diagnosed with a COVID-19 infection in the UK according to latest data — 422 of them have died.

Gibraltar will hold a referendum on abortion

About 35,000 people live in Gibraltar, from chich the majority are Roman Catholic (72.1 percent).

Church of England maintains sex guidance, despite apologizing for it

A slight division emerged after the statement created objection from certain social figures.

Don’t use ’tragic case’ to legalize assisted suicide, UK group says

Care Not Killing fights against the legalisation of assisted suicide

Abducted as a teen and held prisoner for 12 years

White British girl held prisoner by Muslim grooming gang for 12 years and forced to have 8 abortions

'Boys eat lunch first, girls will wait' at Islamic school in Birmingham

"Very strict gender segregation" in secondary school in Britain