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The Brazilian government joined the Hungary Helps Program

Brasil is the 6th country to join the Hungary Helps Program.

One million children pray the rosary today

Children in South Sudan, Burma, and Lebanon have joined a worldwide initiative to get one million kids to pray the rosary.

Joe Biden does not believe any more that life begins at conception

President Joe Biden said that he does not believe life begins at conception - contradicting his previous statements on the subject

Arkansas will add religious freedom protections to its Constitution

Arkansas’ voters will decide on the amendment in 2022.

President Biden appoints special envoy for Horn of Africa

Eritrea was once again named in the US Commission on International Religious Freedom’s latest report.

Biden administration seeks to rescind Trump-era abortion referral ban

Donald Trump made significant steps in order to support the pro-life movement.

Over a quarter of US college and high school students "never" attend church

Eight percent of respondents preferred not to disclose their frequency of religious attendance.

Mike Pence launches new conservative organisation to advance Trump-era policies

The announcement also listed the Advancing American Freedom Advisory Board members.

A church in Oregon was probably set ablaze by two young children

According to the police, the perpetrators were two young children, under the age of twelve.

A church was almost set ablaze in Florida

The Jesus Christ Church in Hollywood, Florida, was almost set ablaze last Thursday, the 18th of February.