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A church in Oregon was probably set ablaze by two young children

According to the police, the perpetrators were two young children, under the age of twelve.

A church was almost set ablaze in Florida

The Jesus Christ Church in Hollywood, Florida, was almost set ablaze last Thursday, the 18th of February.

Abortion activists disrupted a Mass in Ohio

On the 22nd of January, the anniversary of the Roe vs Wade bill, a Mass was celebrated in the Cathedral of Colombus in Ohio.

Massive fire destroyed historic church that housed New York Liberty Bell

Four firefighters received minor injuries while battling the blaze.

Pro-life nonprofit organisation helps Indiana to cut its abortion rate

RA helps Hoosiers through a network of more than 20 pregnancy support centres and social service agencies throughout the state.

Biden says nuns inspire him to run, plans to sue Little Sisters of the Poor

He pledged to force one religious order to provide birth control, sterilizations, and abortifacient drugs to their employees.

Police probe arson attack at Boston-area church

Police are investigating two fires at Sacred Heart Church in Weymouth, Massachusetts, as arson. Both fires began overnight Sunday.

Nearly half of Americans believe the Bible should influence US laws

Associated Press released a survey indicating that Protestants are likely to support religious influence on government policy.

Donald Trump attended annual National Prayer Breakfast

President Trump Ramps Up Focus on Abortion at National Prayer Breakfast

Outrage in Philly

Drag Queen Story Hour with 'Annie Christ' sparks outrage in Philadelphia library