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Oxford University condemned the removal pro-life stand at students fair

Oxford Feminist Society considers the pro-life organisation as a  "threat to the safety, health, and autonomy of women"

British stutents receive threats for their pro-life initiatives

Devon and Cornwall police, as well as university authorities, have been informed of the threats. 

British Catholic priest subjected to dicsrimination by University for his views

Nottingham University agreed to allow David Palmer offer Mass on campus on Sunday's as a "guest priest".

Christian university confiscated by government in Pakistan

Catholics and Protestants, accompanied by pastors and bishops, demonstrated against this decision on the 11th of June, in vain.

Hungarian sculptor gifts John Paul II statue to Polish university

The sculpture was blessed by Archbishop of Kraków Marek Jędraszewski.

Indoctrination at Columbia University "crazier than Kim regime", says defector

Yeonmi Park made a grueling journey through Asia to escape what is arguably the most repressive nation in the world.

5,500 candidates apply for Croatian scholarships for young persecuted Christians

It is estimated that 67% of the world population, live in countries where there are serious restrictions on religious freedom.

Experiments on aborted children at the University of Pittsburgh

The authors of the report suggest possible links between the university and the illegal trafficking of human remains.

Italian university forbids the display of religious symbols during online exams

From that moment, there is only one step left to removing religious symbols from the public space.

Quran lectures to be made compulsory for all students in Punjab Province

As chancellor of all provincial universities, the governor made recommendations on how to make the Quran part of the syllabus.