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AMA calls to remove sex ID from birth certificates

Catholic doctors expressed their disproval of the initiative.

Singer of Skillet: "I was promised fame if I stop talking about Jesus"

"He was trying … to get me to be quiet, and it had the opposite effect.”

Christians in Afghanistan face "new phase" of crisis after loing contact with US

Christian population in Afghanistan is estimated at 12,000, making it one of the country’s largest religious minorities.

Historic church devastated by fire in Florida

Lee County Sheriff Daniel Simon also attended services at the church and is struggling to come to grips with what happened.

Joe Biden does not believe any more that life begins at conception

President Joe Biden said that he does not believe life begins at conception - contradicting his previous statements on the subject

New Bible translation embraces Native American storytelling

In recent years, there have been multiple efforts by Christians to improve outreach to Native American populations.

Texas bill virtually banning abortion goes into effect

So far, efforts to convince the judicial branch to strike down the law have not had success. 

Thirteen US soldiers killed in Kabul terror attack

Republicans quickly pointed the blame for the terror attacks at President Joe Biden.

Mrs Universe 2021 was nearly aborted

American Mrs Universe is a pro-life advocate.

Most Americans now accept evolution theory

Over the last decadehe the percentage of American adults who beleieved in evolution increased from 40% to 54%.