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Christian church with memorial for aborted babies vandalised by abortionists

A Catholic church in Boulder, Colorado, which has a memorial to the memory of aborted babies was graffitied by abortionists.

Canadian pastor arrested at airport upon arrival to Canada

Pawlowski was born in Poland and lived under Soviet rule during part of his childhood.

Jewish couple donates $18M to fund Christian medical missions in Africa

Mark and Erica Gerson have donated what is said to be the "largest private gift ever" to Christian medical missions.

Armenian church vandalised in California

Additionally, the nearby KZV Armenian School was defaced with anti-Armenian graffiti.

Dating app flaunts 'pro-choice' badge and also supports Planned Parenthood

Users can support Planned Parenthood with $1 by adding the 'pro-choice badge.'

The second annual March for the Martyrs took place on Saturday

“The reason that people don't care about Christian persecution is that they just don't know it's happening."

AMA calls to remove sex ID from birth certificates

Catholic doctors expressed their disproval of the initiative.

Singer of Skillet: "I was promised fame if I stop talking about Jesus"

"He was trying … to get me to be quiet, and it had the opposite effect.”

Christians in Afghanistan face "new phase" of crisis after loing contact with US

Christian population in Afghanistan is estimated at 12,000, making it one of the country’s largest religious minorities.

Historic church devastated by fire in Florida

Lee County Sheriff Daniel Simon also attended services at the church and is struggling to come to grips with what happened.