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Black Lives Matter supports abortion, homosexuality and anti-family programmes

The leadership of the Black Lives Matter movement explicitly declares that it "is developing a queer affirmative community."

U.S. government condemns persecution of Catholic Church in Nicaragua

According to USCIRF commissioner James W. Carr, the threats against religious freedom in Nicaragua “remain troubling”.

Tristan Azbej acknowledges Trump's efforts to advance religious freedom

"The U.S. can continue to count on Hungary in the global fight for religious freedom," assures the Hungarian State Secretary.

Historic Executive Order provides $50 million in aid for religious persecution

This order is believed to be the first-ever to exclusively address the issue of international religious freedom.

Will COVID-19 be used as a pretext to close down churches after the pandemic?

Sam Brownback appealed to governments around the world to pay special attention to observance of religious freedom.

Nigerian Government refutes claims about "Christian genocide"

U.S. State Department added Nigeria to its “special watch list” of countries engaging in “severe violations of religious freedom."

Religious freedom advocates warn against repression of religious minorities

The U.S. ambassador for religious freedom warned on Wednesday that some governments might close houses of worship for good.

Catholic priest subject to death threats by LGBT supporters in the USA

Fr. Esshaki wrote that he would pray for all who offend, defame and threaten him.

Faith-based movie 'A Week Away' becomes first Christian musical on Netflix

Some good news after the controversy related to the controversial movie "The First Temptation of Christ."

USAID condemns UN plan to include abortion in COVID-19 relief

The UN funds programs known to suggest abortions in countries where such activity has been made illegal on religious grounds.