USCIRF condemns recent court decisions in Algeria against Christians

The USCIRF published a statement in which they condemn recent court decisions against Christian minorities in Algeria.

Restrictions on religious freedom in Algeria prompt USCIRF condemnation

USCIRF recommended that Algeria be placed on the State Department’s Special Watch List for its persecution religious minorities.

Indian news outlets respond negatively to 2021 USCIRF report

USCIRF’s work is grounded in thorough research and fact-filled reporting on the realities of religious freedom around the world.

China removes over 900 church crosses in first half of 2020

This happened to Three-Self churches in the eastern province of Anhui, which has the second-largest Christian population in China

US religious freedom commission urges 'more aggressive' sanctions

Sanctions being invoked by the U.S. against persecutors of religious minorities are “few in comparison” to the number of abuses

U.S. Commission recommends “Binding Agreement” to protect religious minorities

Laws against blasphemy in Pakistan have led to both attacks and death sentences for members of Pakistan’s religious minorities

Religious freedom report: Iran still among world's atrocious violators

The latest USCIRF report designated Iran as one of the 14 "Countries of Particular Concern".

Turkey labels USCIRF report 'biased' and 'unsubstantiated'

In a press release the Turkish MoFA worded a scathing response to the report.

USCIRF releases 2019 Annual Report on religious freedom

China, Iran and Saudi Arabia among countries of 'particular concern'