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Severe vandalism and arson of a church in Germany

The local police have begun an investigation.

Northern Ireland churches attacked over four hundred times in three years

On average, an attack on religious buildings, churchyards and cemeteries happens almost every other day in Northern Ireland.

The number of anti-Catholic attacks is skyrocketing in the U.S.

"We can't allow a handful of people to destroy religious freedom" underlined Louisiana Senator John Kennedy.

A Catholic church vandalised in Quebec

The Saint-Pierre-de-La Vernière church has been classified as a heritage building since 1992.

Monastery vandalized after reopening in Turkey

The Sumela Monastery stands as an important pilgrimage for Greek Christians.

Two churches vandalised in France in one night

The list of vandalised churches in France grows as acts of anti-Christian vandalism multiply.

Italian church smeared with anarchist graffiti

Along with France and Germany, Italy witnesses a rising number of anti-Christian vandalism led by anarchist movements.

Italian church desecrated twice in three days

The church will remain closed until security cameras are installed.

Catholic churches vandalized during march against police repression in Mexico

The Xalapa Cathedral and the Expiatory Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Mexico’s Veracruz state were vandalized June 8

A church has been vandalised in northeastern France

Churches in France are being vandalised on a weekly basis.