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Man in underwear torches cross on top of church in Los Angeles

From the roof the man tossed shingles down at authorities gathered below and allegedly yelled that people wanted to kill him.

Ten Canadian churches subjected to vandalism in the last days

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the attacks “unacceptable,” but also “fully understandable.”

Young man charged for the defacing of a church in Poland

The man is additionally being charged for insulting religious feelings, which could add another two years of imprisonment.

Spanish church vandalised with cement

Alfredo Ondarra, head of the Tafalla Municipal Police, said that his team is looking for the culprit.

Church in Munich threatened by arson

The case might have happened sometime between the 16th and the 18th May.

A church in Eastern Germany has been vandalised

The damage amounts up to two thousand Euros.

Church vandalised in Northern Italy

Windows of the San Bernardo church were smashed in with stones.

Italian church repeatedly targeted by vandals

It is the second time in a month that the tiny church has been vandalised.

The church-door of an Italian church was set on fire

The serious act of vandalism was carried out in broad daylight in Montecatini Alto.

Organ pipes of a German church destroyed by vandals

The damage to property amounts to 1.000€ (1.200 USD)