Tag: Vandalism

France faces series of church desecrations since the beginning of the year

Given the cases of the theft of the Blessed Sacrament, the perpetrators can be suspected of satanic motivations.

Churches Vandalized in Istanbul on New Years Day

Unknown assailants vandalized three churches in Turkey on New Year’s Day.

Historic church vandalized by unknown perpetrators

The incident was reported to police who visited the church and have registered a complaint.

Attacks on Christian places of worship on the rise across the USA

Last week a man attempted to smash a Marian ststue at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington.

Baby Jesus from Nativity scene decapitated in Spain

Spain has been facing a rising trend of Christophobic acts for the last few years.

Vandalism to German church causes several thousand dollars damage

The church has to remain closed for the time being. The police are investigating to find the perpetrator(s).

Repeated attacks on US Catholics raise questions among bishops

The USCCB has dedicated a page on its website listing news stories of vandalism by month.

Church vandalised "for religious reasons" in Germany

The police have filed a complaint of damage to property.

Attempted arson and vandalism at Protestant church in Germany

Unknown perpetrators entered the church without any problem, as the place of worship is open every day.

Statue of the Virgin Mary vandalised and replaced by a garden gnomo

The Mayor of Le Pian-sur-Garonne was also very upset by the action, the police are investigating.