Tag: Vandalism

A statue of Ronald Reagan vandalised by pro-abortion protesters in Poland

The former American President was an outspoken opponent of abortion.

American bishops call for better protection of places of worship

This initiative is a reaction to the series of attacks on churches as part of so-called anti-racist protests throughout the US.

Northern Ireland churches attacked over four hundred times in three years

On average, an attack on religious buildings, churchyards and cemeteries happens almost every other day in Northern Ireland.

Another pro-life activist attacked in Poland

In late June, a vehicle from the Polish Right to Life organisation was targeted by a vandal describing himself as transgender.

Attacks targeting places of worship on the rise in the US

According to a RealClear Opinion Research survey, the majority of Americans are concerned about anti-religious violence.

Vandals destroyed a historic figure of Christ in Texas

Although there were no witnesses to the incident, the state police have successfully arrested the alleged perpetrator.

A cemetery was vandalised in the French city of Saint-Urbain

Ornamental shells from the war memorial were uprooted and private tombstones were smashed.

A statue of the Virgin Mary has been decapitated in Toronto

Police are now investigating the incident, which Sgt Jeff Zammit has described as “pathetic.”

An evangelical library has been smeared with anti-Christian graffiti in France

All the windows of the bookstore were targeted by inscriptions, such as "Christianity is a successful sect".

Over 600 anti-Christian acts recorded in Northern Ireland in five years

Catholic churches represent the religious symbol that is the most often targeted by vandals.