Tag: Vandalism

A cemetery was vandalised in the French city of Saint-Urbain

Ornamental shells from the war memorial were uprooted and private tombstones were smashed.

A statue of the Virgin Mary has been decapitated in Toronto

Police are now investigating the incident, which Sgt Jeff Zammit has described as “pathetic.”

An evangelical library has been smeared with anti-Christian graffiti in France

All the windows of the bookstore were targeted by inscriptions, such as "Christianity is a successful sect".

Over 600 anti-Christian acts recorded in Northern Ireland in five years

Catholic churches represent the religious symbol that is the most often targeted by vandals.

The series of anti-Catholic acts continues in Western Europe

France remains the European country in which the rise of anti-Christian vandalism is the most significant.

A statue of St. John Paul II and Ronald Regan have been vandalised in Poland

These two statues have already been targeted several times. In 2013, vandals cut off the arm of the statue depicting Reagan.

The number of anti-Catholic attacks is skyrocketing in the U.S.

"We can't allow a handful of people to destroy religious freedom" underlined Louisiana Senator John Kennedy.

A Catholic church vandalised in Quebec

The Saint-Pierre-de-La Vernière church has been classified as a heritage building since 1992.

Christian persecution on the rise in Italy

Italian Catholics would like to establish a permanent "observatory for religious freedom" in their country.

The Church of Saint Peter in Macon, France was set on fire

The Church of Saint Peter in Macon, France was set on fire on Thursday the 20th of August.