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Ayatollah rector to Pope Francis: Let us unite at the service of humanity

Religious teachers and their students "express their gratitude for the Pope and for all those who care about the weak and needy".

Saint John Paul II died fifteen years ago

He was the first non-Italian pope in almost half a millenium and the youngest pope since 1864.

Police raids on Italian churches raise religious freedom concerns

In theory the citations could lead to fines or even jail terms, despite constitutional protections in Italy guaranteeing freedom

Christians asked to pray ‘Our Father’ on March 25 in response to the epidemic

Two days later, on March 27, he will grant a plenary indulgence through his 'Urbi et Orbi' blessing.

Vatican declares Easter Masses cannot be moved due to coronavirus

Easter'cannot be transferred to another time,' said Cardinal Robert Sarah.

Esteemed Chinese cardinal's beatification stalled for 'sensitivity' reasons

The beatification process of Ignatius Kung Pin-mei is delayed for fear of offending China.

Pope Francis: the persecution of Christians is "the fury of the devil"

Pope Francis mentioned Pakistani Christian refugee Asia Bibi to illustrate the cruelty of the persecutors of Christian.

All churches in Rome shut down amid coronavirus fears

Use of the churches will be permitted only to religious orders attached to them, i.e. monks and nuns living in community.

Pope Francis urges priests to bring Eucharist to the sick

“We continue to pray together for the sick who suffer from this epidemic,” Pope Francis declared.

Diocese of Rome cancels all public Masses, announces day of fasting and prayer

This follows a decree by the Italian government suspending all public religious ceremonies in response to the coronavirus outbreak