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Statue of the Virgin Mary toppled in Warsaw

The statue was tied with a telephone cable, which indicates that the vandalism was intentional.

Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes vandalised in Belgium

A crucifix was also broken as a result of this act of vandalism.

Statue of the Virgin Mary desecrated in Southern Italian town

According to the video surveillance system, the act of vandalism would have been committed by teenagers.

Statue of the Virgin Mary desecrated in Polish town

An unknown perpetrator is currently being searched for by polish police.

Marian statue destroyed by jihadists symbolises martyrdom of Iraqi Christians

The statue, targeted by jihadists, has made a long and perilous journey from Iraq to Italy.

Outrageous "artwork" shows the Virgin Mary cradling a penis

A controversial artwork depicting the Virgin Mary cradling a giant penis has sparked outrage in Australia.

Pope Francis will bless desecrated statue of Mary in Iraq

It was decapitated in the Christian village of Karamles, between Mosul and Erbil, during the Islamic State’s occupation.

Statue of the Virgin Mary vandalised in the pilgrim Polish city of Częstochowa

"We will also try to repair the damaged statue as soon as possible," said a local priest.

Statue of the Virgin Mary to be moved behind a school in France

According to the school leaders, it is necessary to respect the laicity law of 1905.

A statue of the Virgin Mary has been decapitated in Toronto

Police are now investigating the incident, which Sgt Jeff Zammit has described as “pathetic.”