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A French church was desecrated by a group of vandals

The parish priest  said that it was not the first case of vandalism to the church, but it was the most striking one so far.

UK elected officials characterised by "religious illiteracy"

The Equality Act claiming religious equality does not prevent Christians to face discrimination in their workplace.

A German church has faced repeated damage in the last few weeks

The police launched an investigation as the motive of the perpetrators remains unknown

A church in Germany has been ransacked

It seems like the organ was in fact destroyed, it is unclear if it is possible to repair it or not.

Windows of a German church have been smashed

The exact motive of the perpetrators is not yet known.

A German church faces vandalism causing $ 2000 property damage

The case was reported to the police who started an investigation to find the perpetrators.

A German church has been smeared with graffiti

The police were alerted and are looking for witnesses to help them identify the perpetrators.

Religious objects looted from French church

Anto-christian vandalism represents a genuine plague across France.

Over 50 churches have been vandalised in Brussels between 2019 and 2022

Churches in Brussels are 53 times more likely to be the target of vandals than mosques.

French church targeted by arson and theft

The consecrated hosts were not burned but the police also noticed thefts of a computer and some money.