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Spanish communists praise Stalin and Lenin at a far-left rally in Madrid

While conservative politicians are being physically attacked in Spain, communists march praising Soviet mass murderers.

Spanish lawyers oppose the removal of crosses in the country

The war on Christianity is ongoing in Spain under the pretext of fighting the influence of the Frankist regime

The Mayor of Paris considers Ramadan as "part of French cultural heritage"

At the same time, Christianity is no longer considered as part of the cultural heritage of France, according to the Left.

A church was robbed and vandalised in southern France

Following the complaint lodged by the parish priest, investigators were able to identify two suspects

Leftist radicals attacked a group of conservative politicians in Madrid

Thirteen people were injured, including a deputy and a policeman. Bricks, stones and urine vials rained down on the conservatives.

The pandemic of home abortions in Great Britain

An average of twenty ambulances a month are sent to women who report complications after "home abortions."

The chapel of a hospital seriously desecrated in France

Despite the deterioration of the place of worship a Mass was celebrated inside the chapel on the 30th of March.

UK court rules parents can consent to puberty blockers on behalf of children

That ruling required doctors to obtain what is known as a “best interests” order from a judge to prescribe such drugs to teenagers

French Christians criticise new law on "Islamic separatism"

Many believe that the fight against Islamism will be used to limit the religious freedom of not only Muslim fundamentalists.

Scottish court ruled the recent closure of churches unconstitutional

The court found that enforcing the closure of churches violates fundamental human rights.