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Complaint about ringing of church in Southern England

Build in the 14th century the Church's clock currently chimes every quarter of an hour.

Spanish church vandalised with cement

Alfredo Ondarra, head of the Tafalla Municipal Police, said that his team is looking for the culprit.

Spanish socialists want to criminalise pro-life marches

The socialists consider it as imperative to "guarantee a safety zone" around abortion clinics.

Six children taken away from parents for placing them in Catholic schools

The children have been placed in different families and are not allowed to continue in their Catholic boarding.

Trust Fund CEO fired over rented space fort traditional church

Robertson Trusts Chairwoman Shonaig Macpherson is accused of having shammed and humiliated the organisation's CEO.

Ninety per cent of Irish doctors do not want to kill the unborn

According to abortion activists, the time has come for lawmakers to limit the possibility of conscientious objection.

Scottish law student faces disciplinary action after saying "women have vaginas"

“I thought it was a joke,” Keogh said about receiving an email that accused her of making bigoted comments. 

School chaplain reported for opposing LGBT curriculum challenges firing

In August 2019, he was informed by the school that he was being dismissed for "gross misconduct".

French cemetery vandalised five times in ten days

The local authorities decided to temporarily close the cemetery until further notice.

Fifteen bronze statues stolen from French cemetery

All the statues weigh at least fifty kilos and some of them are almost one meter high.