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A cross has been removed from the public space in the Spanish city of Aguilar

Spanish far-left auhorities are at war with Christianity. 

"Psychosocial suffering" will allow abortion up to the ninth month in France

The second reading of the Bioethics Act began today in a special committee of the French Senate.

Portuguese episcopate suspends baptisms, weddings and confirmations

These new regulations are introduced almost ten months after the first forced quarantine was announced.

March for Life gathered around five thousand people in Paris

Over ten thousand people participated in the event online.

French freemasonry chose a new Grand Master

The change of the Master does not mean any change regarding the French freemasons policy.

French teachers practice self-censorship to avoid incidents with Muslims

Last year, a school teacher named Samuel Paty was beheaded by a young radical Muslim.

Historic church to be destroyed and replaced by campus for students in France

The Church of St. Joseph is a symbol of Lille's religious heritage.

The business of aborted baby parts is thriving in Spain

In 2019, the number of children killed in abortion clinics was 97,398.

A church has been vandalised near Paris

It was a municipal agent who made the sad discovery in early December.

The Holy Week celebrations have already been canceled in Sevilla

Holy Week falls in 2021 from the 28th of March until the 3rd of April.