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African priests threatened in the name of Allah in France

An investigation is underway, and local elected officials have passed the information on to the Presidency of the Senate.

Spain will become the sixth country in the world to legalise euthanasia

At the moment, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are the only European countries where euthanasia is permitted.

Christian persecution remains widespread throughout the West warns OSCE

The recent OSCE report mentions almost six hundred anti-Christian attacks in thirty states of the organisation in 2019 alone.

In the Netherlands, the elderly are killed on request because of "loneliness"

Netherlands is among the most liberal countries in the world when it comes to the question of assisted suicide.

Group of British street evangelists take police to court after several arrests

To date, the police involved have never issued a formal apology for their conduct. 

Swiss court suspends Geneva worship ban

The Catholic Church in Geneva announced that public Masses will restart, attendance will be limited to a maximum of fifty people

Belgian bishops approve ban on Christmas in-church celebrations

While the celebration of the Mass is still forbidden, swimming pools have already re-opened across the country.

Dutch doctors can now secretly add sedatives in food before euthanising patients

The rule says it's not necessary for the doctor to agree with the patient the time or manner in which euthanasia will be given.

The elderly are increasingly being abandonned in Belgium

The Psychiatric Times calls Belgium the “epicenter of psychiatric euthanasia.”