Tag: Western Europe

German Catholic priest finds remains of an arson in his church

Church fires are becoming dangerously common across Western Europe

Armed man arrested near a church in Paris

The man was already known for minor law infringements.

Arson at a Protestant temple in Northern France

The firefighters managed to contain the flames.

Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes vandalised in Belgium

A crucifix was also broken as a result of this act of vandalism.

Catholic priest brutally muredered in France

There are no reports about what will happen with the culprit from now on.

Hillsong Church defamed by BBC documentary

Most of the footage that demonstrated the positive impacts of our church were erased from the final cut of the documentary. 

Four-year-old children in Scotland are allowed to change gender at school

The Scottish Government guidelines say that "recognition and development of gender identity can occur at a young age".

Christian preacher to file lawsuit against police after claims of "hate speech"

Christian street preachers have to protect themselves against acts of violence in the UK.

Christian activist stabbed in London

Police are looking for the culprit who left the knife at the scene before escaping.