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Islamic commando set a church on fire in France

The city mayor noted that since the COVID-19 outbreak, Islamic violence has been on the rise in the region.

British churches may be closed for Chrismas due to probable new restrictions

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson emphasised that "a hard winter is ahead of us."

Ireland spent over three million dollars on chemical abortions in 2019 alone

The number of abortions in Ireland has increased by nearly 150% since its new legalisation on the 1st of January 2019.

The number of yearly abortions has never been so high in France

Data show that over one out of four conceived children in France are being denied the chance to be born every year.

Repeated acts of desecration in Sicily

The tragedy was verified by Michele Mancuso, a member of the right-wing Forza Italia in the Sicilian Regional Assembly.

The pandemic accelerated the decrease of Spanish Catholics

The amount of Spaniards defining themselves as Catholics is 59.2 per cent, which is a historically low rate.

Adults show their naked bodies to children in Danish controversial TV programme

Right-wing Danish politician Peter Skaarup commented that "this is just a vulgar way to teach sex education.”

UK’s largest abortion provider hails highest abortion numbers in history

The significant rise in abortions coincides with the government’s temporary measure allowing home abortions in the UK.

Spanish government wants to remove the cross from Valley of the Fallen

The presence of the Cross and the Benedictines are interpreted by leftist political forces as "symbols of Frankism."

Portuguese President wants to limit the number of pilgrims to Fatima

The head of state explained the arrival of 50,000 pilgrims could endanger public health.